Monthly Archives: January 2017

Rooftop School

Jacee visited the preschool class at the Rooftop School. She is taking over for another dog who unfortunately developed cancer and passed on.

Rooftop is a public “alternative” school. It’s in a beautiful setting on the edge of Twin Peaks, overlooking the city. We visited the pre-school class. About 1/3 of the class is special needs children.

Jacee had a great time, including going down the slide in the rear of the photo. She got to demo all of her commands to the kids.

When she did a very loud “speak”, the kids demanded to hear her “inside voice”. The previous dog knew how to bark on command both loud and soft. I will try to teach Jacee to “whisper” before our next visit to Rooftop in 2 weeks.

Galileo High School

Jacee had a fun visit to Galileo High School. She met with a small group of students, many of whom were afraid of dogs. By the end of our visit, everyone had petted Jacee and taken her for a walk around the school.