Monthly Archives: July 2015

Friends of Potrero Hill Nursery School

Jacee and her friend Golden Retriever Brixton visited 15 students at the pre-school. This was our first visit there. The kids and dogs had a great time, and the staff was very helpful.

The children seemed to be very smart, judging from the questions asked. Usually when I invite young children to ask questions, they say something like I used to have a cat but it died. These kids asked real questions about Jacee and Brixton, including what do they eat?, where do they sleep?, and my favorite, why don’t they sleep in a dog-house?

Puppy Dog Tales at West Bay Pilipino Multi-Services

Jacee was joined by Ginger and Savannah. The children now know all the dogs very well, and each dog has their fans. As each dog enters the room, it is surrounded by kids asking to read first.

Today most of the children chose Dr. Seuss books. We heard some less-familiar books including Fox in Socks, and There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!

While reading The Cat in the Hat, one girl kept telling me what was going to happen next. I asked her how many times she had read the book. This was the first time she read it, but she had seen the movie with Mike Myers. She didn’t like that the cat in the movie spoke “bad words”.