Monthly Archives: October 2015

Jacee helped de-stress students at UCSF Parnassus campus. This was her first campus visit where she was the only dog. She enjoyed being the center of attention!




Puppy Dog Tales at Bryant Elementary School

Four students read to Jacee today. She was read There Is A Bird On Your Head (Elephant and Piggie), more of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, and educational books about mice and bats.

I love Revolting Rhymes! After finishing Dahl’s butchering of Cinderella (Cinderella rejects the prince after he delights in beheading┬áher sisters, and she marries a Jam maker instead), we started Jack and the Beanstalk (the giant smells the blood of an Englishman because Jack is overdue for a bath).