Monthly Archives: April 2014

Puppy Dog Tales at Bryant School

Today 4 students read to Jacee. We heard One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Today I Will Fly, Fun With Magnets, and National Geographic Volcanoes. We also received a very nice certificate of appreciation from the school.

SF Public Montessori School

For Jacee’s first visit after Spring break, we visited a pre-K and a 1st-3rd grade class. We’ve been perfecting the “Wave” command (like a shake but done far away from any person’s hand) to say goodbye to the students. She did it perfectly for both classes, and the kids loved it.

For the older kids who can read, we used the flash cards to demo some more commands. That worked really well. The kids applauded some of they think are “tricks”.

USF Zief Law Library

Jacee was invited to the University of San Francisco Zief Law School library to give some puppy love to students cramming for final exams next week. She met about 20 students plus several staff members. The law library staff were very hospitable; they set up a dog bed and a water bowl for her. She had a great time and would be happy to return anytime.

19th Avenue Healthcare

The SF SPCA received a special request to send a therapy dog to 19th Avenue Healthcare to visit a patient named Jaycee. So of course Jacee was asked to go. We had a great visit, and both Jaycee and Jacee got along great!