Monthly Archives: July 2013

San Francisco Adult Day Services

Today we visited San Francisco Adult Day Services in the South-Western corner of the city. This is a Senior day facility operated by the Catholic Charities. The average age of the clients was older than the other senior facilities we have been to and many were not communicative. But they all loved dogs and reached out to pet Jacee. Most of the Therapy Dogs sent by SPCA in the past were small, and they were thrilled to have a larger dog that their clients could reach down and pet while seated.

Mission YMCA Senior Center

Today we were at the YMCA at Mission & Alemany & 280. With 3 major highways meeting at sharp angles, I definitely needed my GPS to find the place. They have a drop-in Senior Center which has free lunches and various social activities. All of the seniors appeared to be pretty healthy. I saw one walker and no wheelchairs.

All of off the Seniors except one, and all of the staff loved Jacee. She had a great visit, and got lots of tummy rubs.

One of the staff members used to have a CCI released dog who recently passed away. She is now interested in becoming a CCI puppy raiser.

We have 3 more visits to this facility scheduled August through October.

Jacee has a blog!

I want to keep a record of Jacee’s activity as a therapy dog, so I created a blog for her. You can follow her blog at I used WordPress to host the blog because my wife Valerie is an expert, and it is easy to automatically share blog posts on Facebook.

The blog is very basic, just a description of each therapy visit, and occasional news and pictures. I’m not Marianne McKiernan 🙂

Hope you find it informative!