Monthly Archives: June 2013

Bright Horizons Pre-School

Today we visited Bright Horizons pre-school. There were 5 classrooms, with children aged from 8 months to 6 years. The younger kids just got to pet Jacee; the older kids also got to ask questions and got a demo of her commands. Their favorite command was “speak”. Jacee hasn’t had a lot of exposure to small children, but she loved it; her tail wagged as each one approached her. The teachers did a great job making sure the children were calm and quiet.

This visit was a lot of fun, and a lot less stressful than the locked-down psychiatric ward we visited last week, although those patients need puppy love as much as the kids.

SF General Inpatient Psychiatry

This was our first unsupervised visit since we were certified as a therapy team.

We visited SF General Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatry ward. I was a bit nervous about going there, but there were no problems. Other than one patient who kept explaining to me how she knew she was Lucifer’s daughter, everyone else I met seemed completely normal. All the patients and staff we met loved Jacee.