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Puppy Dog Tales at Excelsior Boys & Girls Club

This was Jacee’s 2nd and final visit of the summer session. 6 students read to her. She got to hear Mr. Totes Belongings, Arthur’s Tooth, Pinocchio, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Being Selfish, and I Like Bugs.

While Kelly was waiting her turn to read, she drew this wonderful picture of Jacee lying down in front of the red couch. The kids sit in the couch while reading to Jacee.

Dog Day on the Bay

Jacee worked on Hornblower’s San Francisco Belle for the SF SPCA’s 10th annual Dog Day on the Bay. The event is a fundraiser for the Puppy Dog Tales program. The event organizers did a great job setting up a reading area for kids.

The girl in the green top has a classmate who is partnered with East Bay CCI Skilled Companion graduate dog Gally.





Hult International Business School

Jacee worked as a therapy dog de-stressing students at Hult International Business School, along with King Charles Spaniels Dasher and Prancer.

Hult is a very interesting school. They offer a one-year business degree which consists of 5 two-month modules, taught at their facilities all over the globe. Students are encouraged to study at multiple locations, to learn the business customs of other nations. Most of the students foreign.

Everyone loved the dogs!

Puppy Dog Tales at Excelsior Boys & Girls Club

Jacee signed up for two visits to the Excelsior Boys & Girls Club this month; this was our first visit.  Summer school was being held at the club. The room where we worked had a 5th grade class, but the kids who read to Jacee were 2nd graders. Jacee got to greet all the 5th graders as well as the 2nd graders who read to her.

Seven children read to Jacee. The books read to her were an Archie comics collection, Dr. Suess’s One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, My Friend Chicken (she was read it twice by two different children), Dork Diaries, A Good Night Walk, and Friends Telling Tales.

One of the 2nd graders who read to Jacee was afraid of dogs, but by the end of her session the student was happily petting Jacee.

This was a great facility. Jacee will be happy to return later this month.