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Puppy Dog Tales at West Bay Pilipino Multi-Services

Today there were only 2 dogs and 6 students, due to many of the students being away on a field trip.

I am old enough that I learned to read before Dr. Seuss’s books became popular, so I am having fun listening to them being read to Jacee. Today we read Green Eggs and Ham for the first time.

Puppy Dog Tales at West Bay Pilipino Multi-Services

West Bay is partnering with two other agencies to offer a summer program for under-served youths in the South of Market neighborhood. We are participating in the Puppy Dog Tales reading program offered to K-2 grade students. We will be working every Wednesday afternoon through the end of July, along with three other therapy dog teams.

The format is very informal. Each dog lies on a bed on the floor of the gym, and the kids walk around with their books, pick a dog, sit on the floor, and wait their turn to read. When t)the kids get tired of reading, they play with the dogs, or take them for walks. It was a bit chaotic, but a lot of fun for all.

Most of the kids had excellent reading stills  for their age.

SF Public Montessori School

We met with two summer session  pre-school classes. There were several kids in each class that had never met Jacee before. 

This is our last visit to this school for a while. Starting in August we will switch to Everett Middle School in the Mission district.