Monthly Archives: August 2015

SF Public Montessori School

Although we have been reassigned to Everett Middle School, Jacee returned to SF Public Montessori School as a substitute. We met with a preschool and K-1 class. About half of the students were meeting Jacee for the first time.

Everett Middle School

Summer is over and Jacee is back to school. We had our first visit to Everett Middle School in the Mission district. This is a new facility for the SF SPCA, and it was actually the first visit of any SF SPCA therapy animal to any SF middle school. We will be visiting this school once a month.

We met with a 7th grade class of 25 students. The students loved Jacee and all got a chance to pet her.

On the way out, we were asked to meet an Asian student. It was her first day of school, she hardly spoke or understood any English, and she had spent most of the day crying. The staff used Google Translate to ask her if she liked dogs. When she answered yes, Jacee went to see her. She spent several minutes loving Jacee. Her teacher said this was the first time all day that she had smiled.

This school is huge; it takes up a full city block. As a result, we should be able to meet a variety of students on subsequent visits.