Monthly Archives: February 2015

California College of Arts

Jacee, Black Lab Igor, and Golden Doodle Toby, worked together at California College of Arts, de-stressing students during mid-term exams.

Puppy Dog Tales at Bryant Elementary School

Jacee finally had 4 students read to her. She got to hear The Other SideThe Amazing Panda Adventure, The Paper Airplane Book, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Hult International Business School

Jacee returned to Hult to de-stress students during mid-term exams. With her were King Charles spaniels Dasher and Prancer, Golden Doodle Toby, and Golden Retriever Brixton. On this visit we let the dogs play with each other more than we have in the past. Jacee had a great time and tired herself out, and the students all had a great time.