Monthly Archives: August 2013

San Francisco Public Montessori School

San Francisco has established a single Montessori school within the public school system. Jacee and I visited there this morning.

Due to it being summer, there was just a preschool and a kindergarten class, with about 10 children in each. We spend 30 minutes in each class. All the children were very well behaved, and well supervised.

I got many requests for Jacee to bark, so we did the “speak” command. Jacee has a very loud bark. Afterwards, one of the kids asked “was that her indoor or outdoor voice”?

This is my favorite facility so far, since it is a 10 minute walk from my home, and the kids, teachers, staff, and Jacee all got along great.

I’m not sure how different things will be when regular school is in session, but we’ll find out soon, since we are scheduled to go back on Sept. 19. Starting in September, the school will get 3 visits per week from SF SPCA Therapy Dogs, so I am expecting to just visit a couple of classrooms again.