California Pacific Medical Center Pediatrics

This was Jacee’s second visit to this facility.

During her previous visit last September, all of the patients were very young. Jacee was too small for the patients to reach her when she was standing on the floor. The patients all had IV’s and other equipment attached, so I was nervous about Jacee getting into bed with them. I asked to her to put her front paws up on their beds to be petted. This position is very tiring for her and she could only maintain it for a few seconds.

I only volunteered to go back for a second visit because the staff and Jacee got along so well.

This visit was very different. We saw 6 patients. Two were infants; the remaining were young teens. One was well enough to sit on the floor of the hospital room to play with Jacee, and I let Jacee jump up on the beds of the the others for a snuggle. Jacee is a great snuggler, and both she and the kids looked very happy. It was very emotional to observe Jacee and the kids bonding.

We spent about 20 minutes with the last child. The nurse in that area is a breeder-caretaker for Guide Dogs for the Blind, so we had a lot to talk about, while Jacee and her patient had a nice cuddle.