SF University High School

Today a group of SF SPCA Therapy dogs visited SF University HIgh School. This was a surprise visit arranged by the Dean to help de-stress the students during exams. The weather was nice, so we were outside in the school’s courtyard during lunch break. About 100 students came to love the dogs.

Jacee was joined by Rufus, a Poodle/Terrier mix, Denver. a Golden Doodle, Kerry, an English Setter, and Oliver, a Golden Retriever. All the kids and dogs got along great. The dogs all had their eyes on the food being served to students, so unfortunately they had so stay on leash. Jacee and Oliver really hit it off well; Jacee is hoping he will call her for a date sometime.

The students really appreciated the event. We’ll gladly go back if the school decides to do it again.