San Francisco Airport Dog Therapy

Today Jacee was working at San Francisco Airport. The airport wants to start a therapy dog program modelled after the Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) program at LAX. They invited a number of therapy dogs from the SPCA AAT program to the airport as a test. Besides Jacee, we had two toy Poodles, a Cockapoo, and a Golden Doodle.

The event was very well organized. We met in a large room filled with dog toys, where the dogs were allowed to play with each other off leash.

We visted an employee health and wellness fair, which was a convenient place for the dogs to meet and interact with many airport employees. Then we walked through a few of the terminals to meet passengers.

The airport staff seemed very happy with the results, and will be inviting all of us back to join their program if we wish.